Sunday, October 25, 2009

Short Story or A Tall Tale

Ok, so I abandoned this little blog for a long time and told people I didn't "Blog", after all blogging is just telling a story regularly imo. (nothing humble)

It has been over a year since I last posted, perhaps not a lot has changed. Perhaps, perhaps I make more sense now than I did then. My attitudes seem clearer to me, the quest is not over, it is just interesting.

A lot has been going on so perhaps now that I have seen the past maybe I will feel happier to write more going forward. For how big an audience, who knows?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Matthew Garrett for some kind of award

The man is brilliant, and likes cloud berry drink.

His talk at Lugradiolive 2008 was very useful in that it got some people to thinking. Then again anything that gets people thinking, is good in my books. Even if people are wrong at least they have sparks jumping neurons for want of a metaphor.

It seems funny that the idea of inclusive seems to leave some people choking on the idea that some people want the GNU/Linux community to be a clique. Too late, IBM use the stuff as do several other companies.

Build a bridge, get over it.

We can include those who will be included, and those who reject being included can stand in the dust storm raised by the herd of cats moving away!

Saturday, November 3, 2007


Sat in greasy spoon that wanted to be so much more, my observation was that, the place had a lot of tables and mine seemed to be the only one with only one person at it. For it's efforts the place gets to be very busy. A gentleman came over to serve me. He was shocked by the fact that I use a pen with a nib, not a biro. I love the feel of them. What can I say.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Queuing for a living the amazing amazon

Recently I saw something I was ambivalent about seeing. When I came away I saw with some insight what the Amazon tale really tells. It is a most unusual story. It is not about getting your latest book from your least or most favourite author, or some music you heard years ago on a CD.

It is a rather simple story. Mike Culver has been telling a tale around the planet for EC2 and S3 Services. Mike is telling the story of two very different new businesses that Amazon is now offering.

So if I tell you one of them is hosting the other is cpus for rent I would not be doing Mike's talk justice. If I told you they are well worth looking up and checking out if you wanted to plan tests for programs and load sharing, rule writing when you need to work out security model which Amazon would like you to really host with them, however you can do almost what you want. You get a choice of GNU/Linux Distros, both "official Amazon" and "community" based.


It is simple, it is so simple it is perverse.
Business is a set of queues, and in their business these queues are the steps in their process from site visit, through sale.
In fact the queuing is so pervasive they have a technical phylosophy, everything is broken all the time, from a technical perspective. Now to make this work. You must have a "safe and secure hand over" each step, and if something fails then you fix that by not wiping the information from the queue until the next level in the process says it has the "job".

Simple, nice, works.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Information Dealerships, or how I learnt to hurt society!

Take from others what you can, the maxim of the middleman. So what is it I see today, I see Bruce Byfield's article in on the subject of a lobby group who seem to be there just for a segment of the people in the publishing world. I note that this rebuttal contains one group who wish to dissociate themselves from this group. PRISMs let us remind ourselves are things that bend light and don't appear to be telling the story as was told them.

I wonder. ;-)